Press Release 15.1.2024: Nya Harmonia är här!

Neurosonic Launches Neurosonic Harmonia, a Compact System Bringing Vibration Therapy to Every Home

Oulu, Finland (January 15th, 2024) – Today, Neurosonic, an innovator in sleep and stress relief technology, is proud to announce the launch of Neurosonic Harmonia. This revolutionary system, designed to bring vibration therapy wherever you are, transforms every bed and sofa into a source of well-being.  

Neurosonic Harmonia is the result of a collaboration between Neurosonic and mattress industry professionals, with the clear goal of transforming a bed into a Neurosonic device without compromising the sleeping ergonomics of the mattress or altering the aesthetics of the bed. This compact-sized system allows individuals to experience the full benefits of Neurosonic technology in the comfort of their own homes.

"The starting point for Harmonia development was a customer request,” says Juha Suoniemi, CEO of Neurosonic. “Harmonia is a smaller, more compact version of the proven Neurosonic technology that you can put under the mattress and transform your bed into a wellbeing oasis that helps you to reset, sleep better, and stress less. Even with the smaller size, the product packs all the latest 2nd generation Neurosonic technology that ensures the full Neurosonic experience.

Neurosonic Harmonia is easily placed under the mattress, and like all Neurosonic products, it can be controlled via a mobile app available for free on the Apple app store or Google play. With a simple program selection, users can activate or relax their bodies while lying in bed, and Harmonia will take care of the rest. The programs, ranging from 10 to 41 minutes in length, can even be pre-scheduled to wake users up in the morning.

Neurosonic's wellbeing technology is based on tissue stimulation produced by low-frequency whole-body vibration. By awakening the body's natural stress release mechanisms, Neurosonic helps individuals restore their innate ability to shake off stress.
Marco Kärkkäinen, Psychotherapist and founder of Neurosonic, explains, “The magic of the technology is its simplicity. The vibration frequencies and variations are designed to awaken our body’s natural way to release stress. A zebra shakes its stress away from its body after escaping a lion. We humans have lost this ability, but Neurosonic helps to restore this nature-shaped intelligence in our bodies and helps to get rid of stress.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system through low-frequency whole-body vibration, Neurosonic products play a crucial role in regulating the body's relaxation and rest responses. This activation leads to lower heart rate and stress levels, while promoting heart rate variability and restful sleep. As a result, Neurosonic products help improve sleep quality and duration, allowing individuals to relax their minds and bodies, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Already trusted by hundreds of wellness professionals, workplaces, and individuals, Neurosonic is expanding its reach to the European and American markets.The company has been recognized for its innovation, winning the prestigious Best of NeoCon Award for Innovation  and the Design Deed of the Year 2023 award. 


Neurosonic'c Mediabank can be found HERE.


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