Neurosonic SE

Alleviation of pain and stress-related symptoms

One of the core features of Neurosonic technology is safely but effectively influencing the autonomic nervous system, helping the body to heal itself. The neural network calms down, lymphatic and blood circulation becomes more active, and pain alleviates. Body feels more relaxed, and sleep mechanisms return to a more normal state.

The fluid circulation is enhanced and the pain relieved

The very feeling of relaxation that Neurosonic generates affects the nervous system and reduces the sensation of pain in the brain. Vibration causes pressure waves inside the body to improve fluid circulation, drain fluid from swollen tissues, and lower intra-tissue pressure. Pain relieves, injury healing progresses, and all other problems caused by swelling, such as stiffness relieves.

Enhanced fluid circulation transports and removes inflammatory waste from the site of injury. When tissues receive more energy due to increased blood circulation, they also function better. This speeds up recovery and improves performance.

Effective help for stress-related pain

Pain can be the result of muscle tension caused by prolonged stress and sleep deprivation, as well as changes in central nervous system function, tissue circulation and fluid circulation. It seems that stress has a major effect on the metabolism of fascias and this causes a variety of symptoms such as pain.

Stress-related pains are characterized by the fact that they may not have an explanatory physiological defect despite research. Vibration can significantly affect the blood flow to the muscles by automatically relaxing the muscles, improving their blood circulation and oxygenation, and at the same time relieving muscle pain. This phenomenon has an effect on pain in a wider sense, not just on muscle pain.




Customer experiences

Neck and shoulder pain and lower back pain relieved or stopped

Headache or migraine stopped or relieved

Numbness in limbs disappear

Stomach ache vanishes

The swelling is reduced or eliminated

The pains are reduced or eliminated

Chronic pain is relieved

The feeling of pressure gets easier and you feel lighter